About me


Introduction to the topic by first empirical European fathers study in 1994. Since 5 years therapeutically-supporting accompaniment of a group of mothers with no contact with their children. A growing, yet taboo phenomenon.

In private practice in divorce and separation area I put the emphasis on the interests and needs of children and peace of families.


Areas of work:

Counseling of families in crises

Family Mediation Psychological expert opinion

Mediation in cases of conflict bicultural

Interdisciplinary (!) Training for therapists, lawyers, judges, social workers and educators in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia and Spain

Lecturer in the training process and for handling carers

Lecturer in the mediator training

Since 2005, comprehensive training sessions for the justice ministries of the countries as part of the team of "Cochem Practice", the process acceleration, mediation and counseling for parents, as well as networking of all conveys the proceedings. Their common goal: protecting the interests and needs of children, so that they also continue after separation can live freely their relationship with both parents and their families.

Strengthening of parents autonomy and responsibility



Dipl. Psychologist

Dipl. Social worker

Systemic Individual, couple and family therapist

Child and adolescent therapist